Shri R Ranganathan

Smt R Charubala

Over the last 25 years, we at Charans have meticulously cultivated a culture that fosters diligence, integrity, and responsibility among both parents and educators. Shri Ranganathan R and Smt Charubala R, pioneers in the field of education, have together guided more than 15,000 students with their visionary leadership and dedication to driving positive societal change.

Dear parents, students and well wishers.

The ethos of Charans is deeply rooted in tradition, discipline, and leadership. It is founded on the belief that education transcends mere academic performance, embracing the extraordinary, compassionate, and socially impactful lives our students choose to lead while under our guidance. We firmly believe that the current generation possesses a distinctive perspective characterized by boundless creativity and the potential to effect personal and societal change.

At Charans, we form a nurturing community that places significant emphasis on our students within a framework of high standards. Our pride stems from our accomplished and innovative faculty, who excel in nurturing individuals capable of critical thinking and rational decision-making. 

We extend a heartfelt welcome to all students who are passionate about entering the exciting world of hospitality and hotel management. The college offers the latest curriculum and hands-on experience be it in the kitchens, front office, housekeeping or other aspects of tourism and hospitality. Our experienced placement team with strong industry connects are constantly looking for career opportunities in leading hotels, restaurants, cruise liners, resorts and tourism related industries continuously. 

We wish all students a fulfilling and an exciting journey here at Charans.